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Seamlessly access all your relevant software tools just with your voice. Sell better and take care of your admin work while driving with the power of Generative AI.

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Total EU based field sales representatives


Annual saving potential
per field sales rep


Roadside stops needed
any more for work

Increase your field sales productivity

We help B2B companies with field sales professionals to sell more and increase productivity while on the go by providing a natural voice interface connected to their CRM software and office tools.


hours daily driving

Field sales reps spend up to 4 hours a day driving, a period when they're disconnected from clients, unable to send emails, or prepare for upcoming meetings. This lost time hinders their productivity and sales performance.


slower reaction

Texting and driving reduces your reaction 46%. Drivers accessing work tools on their smartphones pose a substantial safety risk. This precarious practice endangers not only their own lives but also the safety of others on the road.


hours of admin work

Field sales reps usually work for 2 hours at home once they are done with their client visits. This admin work can't be put back, as the meetings are fresh in their mind and it is crucial that it should be document on the same day.


miss their quotas

According to Salesforce, 57% of sales reps were expected to miss their quotas in 2021. This number fluctuates yearly and by region, so the numbers in the EU might be different.

Effortless Integrations

Configure VoiceKitt to any work related software and start talking to it in natural language. If you app is not among 5000+ possible integrations we can build a custom integration for you.

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